Parathas in Delhi

Parathas @ 4 in the morning – Authentic Delhi Cuisine

Its 4 in the morning and you have just finished watching that 4th Season of FRIENDS, yet again. And you are hungry. Hungry as a wild hog! What do you do?

Simple, get on your bike, hop into your car, hitch a ride or walk down to Green Park.
This is the place to be on a cold winter morning. You are shivering in the cold and then you have a bite of that ‘anda paratha’ and you are in heaven! (Paratha: Indian bread made of wheat flour. Fried on the outside in a pan in sumptuous amounts of oil :: Anda: Egg ::Anda Paratha: Paratha with poached egg used as a filling)
There are many many places in Delhi where you can go for grub late at night, or early in the morning, depends on your perception!
These days you get parathas almost anywhere in Delhi, but the best places to have it at 4 in the morning are:
Green Park : Opposite the Gurudwara
South Extension : At the Petrol Pump on the left while coming from Noida
Moolchand : Take a left from Moolchand flyover when coming from Noida
AIIMS : Search around and you will find some parathas being prepared all the time
Noida : Sector 2 – Opposite HCL
Sector 58 – The BPO Lane @ Guptaji’s – Parathas, Maggi and lotsa sutta (Sutta : cigarettes)

Almost all these parathawalas set up shop around 11 in the evening and sell till half past midnight. They again begin at around 3 in the morning. This is what the situation was in Green Park in January’08. Update on the scene now.

P.S: Considering the fact that you are effectively eating at a roadside eatery, don’t be too hygiene cautious. Think twice before going out with family at these times as we have lotsa people in high spirits ending up here.

Seduction Meter : Seduced and ready for more (9/10)
Environs : U gotta be kidding me!
Platter holders : Well, they play it safe. Its self service.
Mortals awaiting seduction : Cycles to BMWs to da Lexus. Sarees to Mini skirts.
Burns a hole : 120 bucks wide for 2